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Sunil RAI, "Budget 2009 & Corporate Restructuring", Entrepreneurs' Digest, May/June 2009 (Singapore: Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME), 2009)
The ongoing global financial crisis has caused businesses to suffer losses, several companies to sto... Read More
June 2009 | Corporate Commercial | Corporate | More Resources

Lawrence TEH, "The Cape Town Convention Comes Into Force In Singapore", Rodyk Reporter - Litigation Brief, June 2009 (Singapore: Rodyk & Davidson LLP, 2009)
The Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and the Protocol to the Conv... Read More
June 2009 | Aviation | Litigation & Arbitration | Litigation Brief

YEW Woon Chooi (Woon C. YEW), "Watch Out! You May Be Infringing Someone's Trade Mark", Rodyk Reporter - IP Edge, June 2009 (Singapore: Rodyk & Davidson LLP, 2009)
We are all familiar with traditional trade marks such as COCA COLA or the NIKE swoosh device. These... Read More
June 2009 | Intellectual Property | Intellectual Property & Technology | IP Edge

S SIVANESAN & Sunil RAI, "Limited Partnerships - A New Business Entity In Singapore", Rodyk Reporter - Business Bulletin, June 2009 (Singapore: Rodyk & Davidson LLP, 2009)
Introduction Singapore recently welcomed a new business vehicle – the limited partnership &nda... Read More
June 2009 | Corporate | Business Bulletin

LEE Liat Yeang, LING Tien Wah & KOH Jiaying, "The Role And Duties Of En Bloc Sale Committees", Rodyk Reporter - Property Notes, June 2009 (Singapore: Rodyk & Davidson LLP, 2009)
Introduction The role and duties of a Sale Committee ("SC") in an en bloc sale came under the close ... Read More
June 2009 | Collective Sales | Real Estate | Property Notes

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